Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hand painted Signs

I hope you've had a good weekend so far! I've been busy doing a little project for my husband ;)

My husband is a Marine! He is from Oklahoma (born and raised) and when he enlisted in the Marine Corps he was stationed in Camp Pendleton, California.

Fast forward to 2011. After four years and two deployments, he is back in Oklahoma. I always get to hear stories about his deployments and the places he was able to see! I wanted to find a way to incorporate his days into his civilian world.

I decided to make signs to a few of the places he went/lived and how far it is from his new home. He is very Oklahoma proud!

Can you believe all four of these together cost me less than $10! 

All you need is: 
1" piece of wood
Small paint brush 

For my wood I used two fence panels from Lowes, about about $2.50 per board. I cut them in half so mine measured about 35 inches long. 

I gave them a quick sand just to smooth them. I stained all of the boards with Rustoleum Kona (bottom two pictured) then did a quick  paint stain with Benjamin Moore Texas Leather (top two). While I let that dry I printed off all my destination's and miles. 

Once you've printed all of your destinations cut them down to size. When doing this I don't recommend cutting around the top of your letters. I used the top as a guide to keep everything centered and leveled so you don't need to measure! Once you've centered how you want it tape it into place.

Now all you need to do it take your pen and trace the outline of each letter with a little pressure. This will indent the wood to give you an outline. If you are using a harder wood and are having trouble you can use pencil or chalk on the backside of your paper to help transfer it to the wood then trace. It will give you something to work with! 

Now is the part you get to paint! I recommend mixing a small amount of paint with a little water when painting. Its easier to work with. Just dip your paint brush and get painting! Don't worry about brush strokes. When you're all done give it a light sand to distress it a bit.

That's it! So easy! I can't wait to get this into his office this weekend! 

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  1. Looks great, i was actually thinking about tackling a sign of my own. But pallet wood or canvas? Hmm...

  2. I'm going to have to do this!!! <3 it so much!

  3. Would love something like this for our garden, maybe distance to our family members or trips we have taken . Great project !

    1. That's such a fun idea! You will definitely have to share!

  4. Beautiful! I need to try this❤️❤️